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Images concentrationnaires et mal d'archive,red sparkles ugg in S. Harel (Ed.) La confiance altérée. Montreal: Presses de l'Université de Montréal. Leclerc, J. (In Press). Quand l'image s'écrit. (2012). When the image strikes: PostModern thinking and epistemology in art therapy. In H. Burt (Ed.) Art therapy and post modernism: Current trends and new research. (2011). Representing trauma: The witness function in the art of the Holocaust, Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, (28)2, pp. (2010). L'artthérapie d'orientation psychanalytique. In J. Hamel J. Labrèche (Eds.), Découvrir l'artthérapie (pp. 8899). (2009). (2008). Art trauma: Survival strategies in prisons and concentration camps art. Website hosting funded SSHRC research. (2006). Du nondétachement. La méthode psychanalytique à l'épreuve du malentendu, Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, coll. (2006). The Unconscious as paradox: Impact on the epistemological stance of the art therapist. (2004). Art et psychanalyse. Pour une pensée de l'atteinte [Art and psychoanalysis: When the image strikes]. red sparkles ugg (2003). L'image en effet: Pour une pensée de la présentation. In Tanguay, D., Bolster, G., Leclerc, J. (Eds.). Proceedings of Convergence: Common grounds and new perspectives in Creative Arts Therapies. Leclerc, J. (2002). La folie de Dieu: Parcours dans les graphies du vide divin, Spirale, 184, 3031. Leclerc, J. (2001). Art et thérapie: Prolégomènes à une épistémologie de l'artthérapie, Revue Française de Psychiatrie et de Psychologie Médicale, 50(5), 1823.

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2011 Images from the Holocaust: Toward an ethics of reception, Expressive Therapies Summit, New York, Nov. 913, 20112011 En mal d'archive: traitement des images concentrationnaires, La confiance altérée, UQM et le CLAT, May 56, 20112010 Awakening analytic ugg sparkles awareness: Working with patients facing serious illness and death, Accepted panel, American Art Therapy Association Annual Conf, Sacramento, CA, Nov. 37, 2010.2010 Pictures from the camps: Toward an ethics of reception, Workshop, 6th International European Summer School in Ravenbrück, August 29Sept. 3, 2010.2010 Archive ache: The treatment of images from the camps, paper presented at 6th International European Summer School in Ravenbrück, August 29Sept. 3, 2010.2009 Frontier of Psychoanalytic Art Therapy: Four Contemporary Clinical Approaches, panel, 40th Annual Conference, American Art Therapy Association, Dallas, TX, Nov. 1822, 2009.2008 La détresse du soignant: un commentaire sur le film de David Homel 'Le psy, la victime et le bourreau', Art as Witness: Art, Art Therapy and Trauma Resolution Intern. Conference, Montréal, Sept. 1820, 2008.2008 Le regard de l'autre: fonctions du portrait dans l'art de la Shoah, Art as Witness: Art, Art Therapy and Trauma Resolution Intern. Conference, Montréal, Sept. 1820, 2008.2007 The function of portraiture in the art of the Holocaust: Eros in Thanatos?, 38th Annual Conference, American Art Therapy Association, Albuquerque, NM, Nov. 1318, 2007.2007 Four art therapists respond to a single case, panel, 38th Annual Conference, American Art Therapy Association, ugg sparkles Albuquerque, NM, Nov. 1318, 2007.

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2007 R ' risk to public health in Canada associated with cases of human infection with avian influenza H7N9 in the ChinePour the risk to public health associated with avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) in China considered as signal faible.Des cases in ten provinces ( Anhui , Guangdong , Hebei, Henan , Hunan , Fujian , Jiangsu , Jiangxi, Shandong and Zhejiang) and two municipality (Beijing and Shanghai) China , and Taiwan where a li travel . Analyzes performed on pr aupr cheap ugg sparkles poultry and have the r pr of avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) in all the provinces and municipality except in the province of Hunan and Beijing.Il is still no evidence of sustained human transmission of avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) . However, four clusters give think that person transmission limit can occur when infected person maintains contacts with personnes.Rien no evidence that transmission International took place , despite the infection of a person coming from r is a touch of another country if that person voyage.Au November 20, 2013 , the signal 139 cases of confirmed human , 45 The rate of clinical mortality s 32%. Except as Beijing (2) and Hebei (1) signal , all other cases occurred in neighboring r eastern and southeastern China , including a travel case li Ta Most cases come of Zhejiang province (49 ), followed by Shanghai (34) and Jiangsu (27). Among the 136 cases for which data available d, l ' m 61 years ( range 2 91). In particular, 97 cases (71%) were male and 57 (42% ) are aged 65 or more.The Alert and Response Web site at global World Health Organization provides more recent updates the number of cases and most of the cases signal r 5 November 2013 , in the provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang.La source, r and transmissibilit avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) are currently ld survey , however, indicates that the human seems li l live poultry or cheap ugg sparkles contaminated environments this s the following

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terms in the g virus resembles the one found in the animals and (march of living ) Most infected people (about three out of ugg sparkles boots four patients ) say they have contact with pointless , especially poulets.Le ad virus in poultry sold in market of vivants.Le number of human cases has decreased after the implementation of measures public health , including the closure of poultry markets vivantes.Bien four small clusters of human infections have signal there is nothing to affirm the existence of sustained transmission between humains.La closure of all live poultry market in Shanghai m in the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang has a strat effective control , given that the number of cases the decrease in signal after the closure of these markets , however, the continuing decline in the number of new cases signal for the result can to avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) seasonal, as of avian influenza (eg . H5N1) , where cases of human infection are less en the months of fr and the hiverFootnote month 1 . The market of live poultry were reopened, and we can expect new cases of avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) with the of the new season grippe.Un scientific article published in Infectious Diseases of Poverty indicates that the market must be r of poultry as well that does not include the transmission of poultry volailleNote stockings page2 . The Canadian d (CFIA ) has published its pr risk posed by the new virus H7N9 flu in China for Canadian animals in which it stated that until now , the evidence strongly indicates that the cons of the new virus H7N9 in poultry do not differ from those of influenza ugg sparkles boots A common among the world 's animal population.

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She mentioned that this new virus is of avian and that does not pr ugg sparkles outlet severe clinical signs in poultry. Finally, the risk pos by the new virus H7N9 flu in China for Canadian animals is very low or no is no vaccine for this subtype of influenza virus . However, pr works are underway in cases where such a vaccine would n The World Health Organization has recommended that a virus similar A/Anhui/1/2013 serve vaccines against influenza A ( H7N9 ) in order to pr if pand no recommendations yet made ​​regarding manufacturing large a vaccine against avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) Footnote page3.Des performed laboratory tests have confirmed that the influenza a avian influenza ( H7N9 ) is sensitive to neuraminidase inhibitors oseltamivir and zanamivir , two antiviral drugs that are in the national stock of antivirals R and r Syst national emergency in order to used to treat Canadians should it rn national Microbiology Laboratory (NML) of the Board Development of diagnosis ( testing) allowing them to quickly to this new virus. These tests diffuse provincial and territorial al to allow the provinces to their own d r if it rn An analysis conducted with 14 patients in Shanghai showed that antivirals were able to reduce viral load clinically , however, the emergence known to confer resistance to neuraminidase inhibitors mutations was also observed during treatment in some personnesNote stockings page6.Le s virus of avian a ( H7N9 ) , performed by the National control Centre against influenza World Health Organization (WHO ) in China, Beijing has the g HA and NA of avian influenza A ( H7N9 ) ugg sparkles outlet virus and CEO of the a ( H9N2) .

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